Features of LostandFoundSite.com

By using LostandFoundSite.com your organization can improve employee efficiency

Improve Employee Efficiency

Allowing us to handle the recovery of any lost items your customers leave at your establishment allows your employees to focus on their primary function, and that is your bottom line.

LostandFoundSite.com will increase customer satisfaction

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Establishments can focus on improving the quality of their services while we worry about dealing with inquiries concerning lost items. Items are returned promptly to their owners, as we deal with the customers and shipping carriers directly. We work on behalf of our partners to make all their customers happy and help them establish or maintain their great reputation.

Increase your employees productivity with LostandFoundSite.com

Increase Productivity

Your employees will enjoy working on what they are good at instead of dealing with the lost and found department. Handling the recovery of lost items can be frustrating and take away time from work; our services will save your staff stress and increase productivity.

LostandFoundSite.com can help your organization save money

Save Money

Becoming one of our partners will not only make your customers happy—it will also save you money. Let us automate your lost and found process and utilize our cloud-based technology at no cost to you.